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The mission of the Crown Heights Service Center, Inc. is to empower families and children in the Crown Heights community to view the diverse aspects of education as the cornerstone upon which their entire lives will depend.


To increase awareness of preventative services and to effectively decrease the disparities existing in the culturally diverse Crown Heights Community.

Executive Summary

Located in the heart of Central Brooklyn is the Crown Heights Service Center, Inc. (CHSC) formed in the 1970's by the late Mrs. Gwendolyn Harmon to serve as a 'Beacon of Hope' to the families and children of her community. As a community advocate, Mrs. Harmon, was extremely vocal with public officials on the needs and concerns of the Crown Heights community. For over thirty years the Crown Heights Service Center has served as a resource center to families throughout the Crown Heights area. During a time in which the crack epidemic was beginning to have a stronghold on low income communities in inner city New York, Crown Heights, a microcosm of Caribbean cultures and racial turmoil, Crown Heights Service Center established itself as a safe haven for low-income and immigrant families in need of answers, drug rehabilitation and compassion for their fellow neighbor. The Crown Heights Service Center, Inc. is looking to leap into the new millennium with ideas for creating a universal center to address the needs of the Crown Heights Community. The Mission and Vision of the founder remains alive and vibrant through drug and alcohol prevention programs, performing arts and academic enrichment while highlighting the importance of great decision making on the path to academic success. During this time of great change the Crown Heights Service Center is committed to continuing its growth by establishing strong goals, solid objectives and remembering to never forget, from whence we come.